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InfluenceHR Consulting offers high-quality courses to elevate the knowledge and performance of your leaders. Our offerings include high-quality digital courses that can be done on the leader's own time with coaching options provided to ensure applicable of material. 


The 7 Habits of High-Retention Managers

Managers are key to retaining your employees. Help them cultivate the 7 Habits of High-Retention Leaders.

  1. Inspire purpose

  2. Build trust

  3. Manage yourself

  4. Practice accountability

  5. Be a good coach

  6. Communicate well

  7. Show you care!

There is a digital version of this course which also includes a coaching session at the end. 

You can also join one of our upcoming virtual sessions or we can do a series just for your organization, just ask!


Leadership Bootcamp

Provides leaders at all levels with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed including leadership and emotional intelligence.


Topics covered include:

  • Leading & engaging employees

  • Self-awareness & self-management

  • Feedback/listening/coaching

  • Empathy

  • Employment law for leaders

  • Performance management and accountability

Can be conducted virtually or in-person and customized to meet your specific needs​. The investment depends on how the course is structured. Just ask!


Boss to Coach

Today's employees don't want bosses - they want coaches. According to Gallup, this is the #1 thing that organizations can do to increase engagement. Futher, in Google's Project Oxygen, they found that the best managers are good coaches. 

We will help transform your bosses into coaches with development opportunities including:

  • Providing positive and developmental feedback effectively

  • Listening actively

  • Elevating their ability to be empathetic

  • Coaching employees towards solutions - instead of fixing

  • Incorporating coaching into daily interactions and meetings with employees.

  • Helping employees grow. 

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