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InfluenceHR Consulting is a Human Resources/Organizational Development Consulting Firm based in the Triad region in North Carolina but, with technology, can operate anywhere. 


We work primarily with smaller organizations (10 to 250 employees) to provide high-quality solutions to help in retaining, developing and engaging your talent while ensuring compliance. 


Our core values are applied in every interaction! 

Humility - Putting our clients first in every interaction

 Integrity - Doing the right thing for the right reason, even when no one is watching

Respect - Treating everyone we come into contact with respect and helping clients to create cultures of respect and inclusion. 

Empathy - Listening without judgment and seeking to understand the perspectives of others. .

This is why you should HIRE us! As an added bonus, we are fun to work with!

For fans of The Office, no Toby's around here! 

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I am a senior-level HR leader who has been in the HR field for 30 plus years and I'm still sane:) I have extensive experience in all areas of the HR field and have worked with a number of different industries including financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and non-profits. I am passionate about helping people meet their God-given potential and helping organizations facilitate a culture of engagement and well-being.

I hold senior HR certifications from HRCI and SHRM as well as certifications in coaching, the Working Genius, Enneagram, Mindfulness and Mental Health First Aid. I am currently a District Director with NC SHRM and have been involved with WS SHRM for years and was Chapter President in 2020.

In my spare time, I enjoy working out and am a "semi-retired" fitness and yoga instructor. I am also the author of 7 Habits of High-Retention Managers and a writer for Forsyth Magazines.

I am the primary consultant with InfluenceHR Consulting but I bring in highly qualified

partners that mirror my values as needed to meet client needs. 

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