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Igniting Purpose

Connecting with purpose is so important to retaining and engaging employees. So, what exactly is purpose? It’s essentially why an organization exists.

Feeling purposeful at work provides employees with an intrinsic sense of fulfillment from doing work that is meaningful. It helps them understand why they're carrying out a particular venture, why it matters to their career, and how their job impacts the organization. Today’s employees are motivated by work that gives them a sense of purpose. It seems to be more important than even post-pandemic as I think that values have shifted for many of us.

We know that we are certainly more than the work that we do. But it does seem to be important. In fact, seventy percent of employees see their purpose as being defined by the work they do (Putting Purpose to Work Study – 2016).

Below are 7 ways you can facilitate purpose on your team:

1. Reinforce the Organization’s Purpose

Make sure your team understands the organization's purpose.

· What is it?

· Does the team know and understand it?

· Make sure they do and establish a plan to reinforce it!

2. Articulate the team’s purpose

Get very clear on what you are trying to accomplish as a team using the company’s purpose as a guide. Facilitate a session with employees to process the following:

· Why do we do what we do?

· Who do we work here?

· What is the impact we want to have?

3. Help employees discover their strengths

· Discuss employee strengths in performance conversations and reviews.

· The Working Genius Model/Assessment and CliftonStrengths are great tools.

· Assign tasks and allow them to use their strengths to make a difference on the team.

4. Help employees make the connection Between their job and the organization's greater purpose - as well as how their job contributes to the team.

5. Share stories

Sharing stories about how your organization has made a difference is powerful.

6. Model purpose If your attempts at creating purpose do not align with your actions, employees will view your tactics as manipulative rather than inspirational. You have to practice what you preach and be authentic!

7. Provide regular reminders

Of the purpose of the organization, the impact their work has, the good they do, and the value they bring to others. Make the purpose your team's north star!

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