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Up Your Onboarding Game with Entrance Interviews!

Once you have invested the time and energy into hiring the right person, you definitely want to set them up for success! The same amount of effort put forth in wooing a potential candidate should be invested in onboarding.

Here are a few statistics that reinforce the importance of an effective onboarding program.

  • 85% of employees decide within the first 6 months of a new job whether they will stay with a company.

  • An employee is 18X more likely to feel committed to an organization with strong onboarding.

  • 90% of a new hire's decision to stay is influenced by their onboarding.

*Sources -, TinyPulse

Entrance Interviews

A very effective approach to onboarding that seems to be underutilized involves conducting Entrance Interviews. Similar to Stay Interviews (which we talked about in the last blog), this involves interviewing employees shortly after they have been hired rather than getting their feedback as they are exiting the organization. During these entrance interviews, employees share information about their experience thus far, suggestions, interests, career aspirations and frustrations. A study by Quint Studer showed that implementing entrance interviews reduced turnover by 2/3rds in the first 90 days! The manager or Human Resources (or a combination) should conduct them at least twice (30 and 90 days suggested).

Here are some questions that you could consider including:

  • Is the job what you expected it to be when you were hired? Why or why not?

  • What are we doing well?

  • What do you see as opportunities for improvement?

  • What barriers are getting in the way of being most successful? What additional support would you like?

  • What could we do to improve our onboarding process?

  • From your previous work experience, what suggestions do you have that we could consider implementing?

Then you have an opportunity to act on the feedback they provide which may prevent frustration AND enhance their feelings of being valued!

Click here if you’d like to download an Entrance Interview template.

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