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Developing Your 2024 HR/People Plan

Whether you are a business owner, HR Practitioner or other leader in your organization, it is important to consider developing an HR/People Plan to guide your efforts for the year. If you have already done this, kudos to you! If not, I thought I'd provide some guidelines for doing this to help!

6 Steps to Develop and Implement Your Plan

#1 - Review your organization's Mission, Vision and Values

This is important because these are the things that guide your organization, and you want to ensure that your people plan is aligned. If your organization doesn't have Mission, Vision and Values, it's a good time to consider developing them! Reach out and I will send you some additional resources to help.

#2 - Review the 2024 Business Goals

Of course, you will want your HR/People goals to support your business goals! Make sure you are aware of what the business wants to achieve for the year and use this to guide the articulation of these goals. For example, if the business wants to grow by 20%, it is probably going to be necessary to recruit, retain and develop talent. If the business is planning to implement new technology, you will need to train staff that will interact with that technology accordingly.

#3 - Do a SWOT Analysis

This involves the collection and portrayal of information about internal and external factors which have or may have, an impact on business.

SWOT is an acronym that stands for:

  • Strengths: factors that give an edge for the company over its competitors.

  • Weaknesses: factors that can be harmful if used against the firm by its competitors.

  • Opportunities: favorable situations which can bring a competitive advantage.

  • Threats: unfavorable situations that can negatively impact the business.

#4 - Set Strategic Goals

Set 3-5 clear and challenging goals with measurable key results aligned with the MVV. You are probably familiar with the concept of SMART goals - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. It is important to make these goals SMART to increase the likelihood that you will achieve them. In setting your goals, prioritize actions that offer the greatest ROI.

#5 - Create Action Steps to Support

Delineate tasks, dependencies, and the timeline that are needed to support the larger annual goal.

#6 - Implement Your Plan

Get to work on your plan! Establish feedback mechanisms and review the plan regularly for progress. Be open to making adjustments if you need to based on circumstances.


You review your Mission, Vision and Values; Business Plan; and conduct a SWOT Analysis. Based on all of this, you decide to develop your managers to be better coaches to reduce employee turnover and increase employee engagement.

Strategic Goal - Develop managers to be better coaches to reduce voluntary turnover by 10% and increase engagement scores by 2 percentage points by 12/31/24.

Sample Action Steps are below:

I hope this is helpful! If you need some support, reach out to

I have included a template that you can use to create your plan.

2024 HR Plan
Download PDF • 89KB

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